Go High Signs

Fighting for justice with eyes uplifted. Mostly.


©2023 Libby Clarke Studio
2016, Women’s March NYC
June 11, 2022,  March for our Lives, Washington DC

I go high to find light to shine on our current civic landscape. Making signs is part of my artistic practice as a creative citizen. It creates artifacts to my quest to find ways to be my best civic self in the face of flaring fascism, racism, and general assholery.

I started Go High as my means to stay sane during the Trump presidency. When Justice Kennedy retired from the Supreme Court on July 31, 2018, I felt my world collapsing from under me. He was a key part of the judicial coalition keeping gay marriage and adoption safe. His sudden retirement revealed that we could not ride this all out. It was now open season on the 14th amendment and so many –my family included–were now in real peril.

I lost my voice. I was so stressed out I developed acid reflux and could not speak for a couple of weeks.

I had been making signs but now;  it became my Work. I sketched out signs each morning, filling piles of sketch books over the years. I developed a method for lettering at haste, and built a cart for postering on the go. I donate posters to protests, stamping each with my mark–each one has to be part of my effort to go high.

I am an artist, designer, and educator. I am available to teach and speak. My work is available for sale. Direct all inquiries here.


i build most if not all of my equipment. I use photo emulsion to make my stencils, but I make most of my positives by hand, too. I scavange and bargain to keep inks and paper coming in as so far, money making has not been my priority.