I am gathering unwanted art supplies from donors, sorting them, creating some lessons, and distributing the resulting kits to students and groups in need. I am hoping I can get people to donate videos as well so we can open up art and design instruction for as many folks as we can. How many more people can become artists and designers if we make the welcome all the warmer?

This is ArtParts. It is concentrating on the South Orange/Maplewood NJ area for now, but I have to say I am already getting requests from Norther New Jersey in general.

Those Who Want to Give:

  1. Donors!! Do you have materials to give away? Email me!
  2. Artists and Creators!! Would you be willing to video yourself teaching a lesson? Email me!
  3. Volunteers!! I am still assembling my first wave, but once I do, I will need some help sorting, packaging and add lesson ideas. If you have time, email me!

Those Who Have a Need:

  1. Teachers in the SOMA area who need art supplies and lessons for your classes, email me!
  2. Leaders of groups for children or adults with special needs in the SOMA area who need art supplies and lessons,  email me!
  3. Teachers in the SOMA area–if you can recommend any students with an interest but no funds for supplies, email me!
  4. Artists in the SOMA area with little money and in need some basics,  email me!

What This is NOT:

  1. A catch-all for trash: if you are just donating unusable bits, I will refuse to take them
  2. A place to just grab whatever, whenever: this is not a store, it is a service I run in my spare time. I can not be on call or deliver materials on demand.
  3. A mail service: I am serving the South Orange/Maplewood NJ area for now, just to see what I can get started. I do have some teachers in Newark I help out as well, depending on what I find.
  4. A delivery service: I am not available to deliver materials unless there is a demonstrable need for that. Otherwise, you will have to come to my accessible pick-up point in Maplewood.